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Learning for all, learning for life


At Dallam School, we believe that education empowers students with the knowledge, skills and values they need to build a better future for themselves, their families and their community.  At our school, every student develops the confidence and courage to be themselves and has access to opportunities that unlock future success.  The inclusive and innovative ethos of Dallam School creates an inspiring environment in which every student can shine in their own unique way.

Who we are:

Dallam School is an 11-19 academy offering day and boarding students a place to achieve academically, enjoy a wide range of creative and outdoor opportunities and develop into responsible and caring individuals.

We have a lower than national average EHCP and SEND population (1.8% vs. 4% nationally and 11% vs. 12.6% respectively) and a low percentage of students on free school meals (10.5% vs. 22.5% nationally).  Students with special educational needs and those from disadvantaged backgrounds often opt to continue their education with us into the Sixth Form; a place continuing with the high aspirations held in Years 7-11 for all students.  Our inclusive curriculum is built to ensure students enjoy a wide range of subjects and experiences.  Dallam School provides an accessible, challenging and appropriate educational experience that ensures academic success, encourages personal reflection and development, and promotes rich experiences.  Ultimately, we aim for students to be ready for life after school, in whatever form that may take.

Each year is designed to build to the next.  Curriculum planning focuses on key subject content knowledge, understanding and skills to aid students’ recall, build their subject and vocabulary fluency and deepen their understanding.  Subject specialists plan across all subjects, as well as for personal development PSHE aspects, to ensure we clearly define what is learnt throughout the student journey through our school.  Our knowledge rich curriculum supports our students to access their next steps in education at every level.  Students are given independent advice and guidance for their futures at key points throughout their school experience ensuring they receive the greater rewards in health, happiness, and social mobility.

Our ambitious curriculum addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum so that our students can meet and exceed age related national expectations.  Our teachers effectively adapt schemes of learning to meet the needs of all.  We work hard to ensure that our drive for improvement and the curriculum we offer is rooted in our community and our aim to be an inclusive school at the centre of our communities.  Our boarding population provides valued diversity to our rural day student population and students from all backgrounds integrate very well into life in the classroom following our curriculum.  We celebrate our diverse community, and our boarding students fully embrace life in their new home, exploring the Lake District and those towns and villages on the doorstep.

Our curriculum model is built for our school and students, balancing breadth and depth with context and flexibility to meet the needs our students in our local and far-reaching communities.

For more information:

Download ‘Our guiding values‘ – which sets our how our school values guide and inform our curriculum through all key stages and ‘Key principles of our curriculum‘ – which sets out the seven principles that determine the design of our curriculum.

You can find out more about ‘Why we teach what we teach’ for each subject.  In each subject link below you’ll find information such as:

  • core concepts your child will learn
  • how we will assess their knowledge, understanding and skills
  • how we will stretch and challenge students
  • how we adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of all students
  • how we link subject knowledge to the world of work and further study.

If you would like to speak to someone about our curriculum please email Mr Oliver – d.oliver@dallamschool.co.uk.

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