What it’s like

There’s no-one better to tell you what it’s like at Dallam Sixth Form than our students.  Take a look at the video below.

The Sixth Form timetable 

Studying A-levels and/or Level 3 BTECs is very different to GCSE and the timetable is also different. You will have 8-9 hours per fortnight per subject plus other sessions such as enrichment and Personal Development sessions.  As a Sixth Form student you will not always be in lessons, but you should always be carrying out independent work to support your studies. 

We will provide you with the necessary resources and skills to ensure you cope with this change in style of learning. 

Independent study periods are great to catch up on work.


There are so many varied spaces to sit and study in environments that suit you.

Get involved 

Participating in the wide range of societies, sports and activities outside of the classroom is an essential part of being a Sixth Form student. By doing this, you will enrich your Sixth Form experience immensely; these extra-curricular activities will:

  • help you to enjoy life and support your academic studies
  • help you to develop vital skills, in leadership, team-work and collaborative learning that are highly valued in later life and are sought after by both universities and employers and so being able to evidence them is key. 

I loved the teachers’ enthusiasm for their subjects.  They inspired me to go on studying in higher education.


The Sixth Form common room has the best waffles!!

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