On this page you will find a quick and useful list of contacts, links and information to answer those day-to-day school-related issues you need to deal with as a parent/carer.     

The school day and reporting absence

Our school day begins at 8:50am and finishes at 3:15pm – see timings of the school day.  A typical week, excluding any extra-curricular activities will be 32.5 hours for your child.   

If your child is going to be absent from school you must report the reason to the pastoral co-ordinator for their year before 8:40am that day.  Click here for direct emails and contact numbers for each year group

Absence during term time is not allowed unless the Headteacher has authorised it under exceptional circumstances – please use the Absence request form   

Synergy and Parentmail

We use the School Synergy platform for information on attendance, reporting excellence points, behaviour points, homework assignments and messages.  With the use of the School Synergy app, you can login and access information about the progress your child is making, almost in real time wherever you are.  To download the app, search for ‘Synergy Parent’ in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

We use the Parentmail system to communicate with parents by email and text message in urgent situations and also for financial purposes.  Parentmail allows parents/carers to make convenient and safe online payments to school for items such as their child’s lunch account and school trips.    Download the app free from the Apple App Store or Google Play on your mobile devices. 

Parents/Carers will be set up with accounts when their child joins the school. 

Log into School Synergy
Log into Parentmail

School uniform and equipment

We are proud of our school and the way we present ourselves is important. A smart uniform sends the message that we care about how others see us and that we are serious about coming to school to work, to do our best and to succeed.  

  • clip-on tie in house colour and school badge 
  • navy blue blazer 
  • pale blue shirt 
  • navy knee-length box pleat school skirt or navy, dark grey or black tailored trousers (not skin tight)
  • black or navy socks or tights – not sports socks or socks above the knee
  • a navy ‘v’ neck knitted pullover can be purchased but is not essential (no cardigans)
  • plain black polishable leather school shoes (no trainers, fashion or fabric shoe, Nike Air Force 1 or boots) 
  • a rucksack (handbags are not allowed) which will fit in your locker.

Jewellery and makeup 

  • one wristwatch 
  • one signet ring  
  • one pair of plain stud earrings in ear lobe (no nose studs or any other body piercing) 
  • no visible nail varnish or makeup 
  • no acrylic nails
  • no fake eyelashes

Mobile phones  Mobile phones and iPods must not be used inappropriately in school (if they are, they will be confiscated and are to be collected by a parent).   

Hairstyles  Extreme hairstyles and more than one colour or unnatural hair colours/extensions will not be accepted for school neither will a very short haircut.

  • Dallam sports polo shirt 

  • Dallam tracksuit/(hoodie/raincoat optional) 

  • red games socks and white trainer socks 

  • black/Navy leggings (no branding)

  • Dallam rugby shirt 

  • navy cotton shorts (rugby style) and/or navy polyester shorts, and/or navy skort as appropriate to the activity

  • football boots (please note that blades are not allowed – rubber/metal studs only)

  • trainers, shin pads, gum shield (essential-rugby/hockey), protective headgear (recommended-rugby).

The Dallam Uniform Shop is available online for Dallam-crested blazers, blazer badges and PE kit via this link.  The pleated skirt can be bought from this website.  Trousers, skirts, shirts, jumpers, coats and bags can be bought from other retailers as long as they comply with our uniform guide.    You can also contact Dallam PTA if you would like to see what quality second-hand uniform is available – email pta@dallamschool.co.ukSixth Form students do not wear school uniform.  Find out more about being a Dallam Sixth Former here.


Having the correct equipment in school allows our students to be ready to learn and make a calm and settled start to each lesson. When students do not have all the equipment they need this impacts on their readiness to learn and does not make the best start to every learning experience.

Students arriving at school prepared to learn with the correct equipment is key to their daily success and promotes the soft skills of organisation, forward planning, taking responsibility and looking after resources essential for their future life prospects.

Equipment list

Students are to have the following equipment:

Essential (everyday)

  • 2 x black or blue pens
  • Pencil, sharpener and rubber
  • Ruler
  • Scientific Calculator

Recommended (everyday)

  • back up black or blue pens
  • back up pencil 
  • 5 different coloured pencils or highlighters
  • Glue stick
  • Safety scissors
  • Purple pen

Required at certain points (teachers will advise when required)

  • Compass
  • Protractor


Exams and assessments take place throughout the year, as well as the main summer season.  Click here to find out important exams information to help all assessments run correctly and smoothly and links to where you can find support to help cope with exam stress.


Financial assistance 

You can apply to the school for financial support to help pay for school trips.  Download the financial support application form. 16-19 year olds attending Dallam Sixth Form may be eligible to receive support through the 16-19 bursary fund.  Find out more here.   


Food at school and boarding

Our school canteen and boarding house offer a range of hot, cold, vegetarian and vegan meals and snacks all cooked on-site. Take a look at our delicious and varied summer specials menu

Mobile phones

Click here to find out more on our stance on mobile phones in school.

Health, mental health and safeguarding resources

The Young Minds website has lots of useful advice for parents to help their child with specific issues including:

  • dealing with exam stress
  • bullying
  • Internet safety
  • drug and alcohol abuse advice
  • healthy eating and eating disorders   

For other issues we would recommend:

Click here for a directory of organisations providing specialist advice and support for a range of issues.

If you have are worries about your child’s wellbeing in any way please contact our pastoral team so we can work together to help and support your child.

Pan Lancashire Operation Encompass
The purpose of Operation Encompass is to safeguard and support children and young people who have been involved in or witness to a domestic abuse, vulnerable child or missing incident.

Operation Encompass has been created to address such situations that create a safeguarding risk to young people. It is the implementation of key partnership working between the police and schools/colleges. The aim of sharing information with local schools/colleges is to allow ‘Key Adults’ the opportunity of engaging with the child and to provide access to support that allows them to remain in a safe but secure familiar environment.

Following the report of a domestic abuse, vulnerable child or missing incident, by 9.00am on the next school/college day the school’s Key Adult will be informed of the child or young person’s involvement. This knowledge, given to educational establishments through Operation Encompass, allows the provision of immediate early intervention through silent or overt support dependent upon the needs and wishes of the child/ young person.

The purpose and procedures in Operation Encompass have been shared with all parents and governors, and is detailed as part of the school’s Safeguarding and child protection policy and published on our website.

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