Sixth Form boarding school, on the edge of the Lake District

High-quality boarding school helping young adults become successful young leaders.

Dallam is one of the leading UK’s select few state schools offering A-Levels and BTECs with boarding. This gives students who live further away access to an outstanding education in a respected Sixth Form.

If you want your child to receive an exceptional, all-round education on the outskirts of the picturesque Lake District, join us at Dallam. A relaxed, family atmosphere and a warm welcome await you. If you would like to learn more, please get in touch through the contact form on this page and choose ‘boarding enquiries’.

What can Dallam offer

Dallam is one of few UK state boarding sixth forms. It offers a wonderful and comprehensive  A-Level boarding experience. Students here have a broad range of curricular activities, meet friends for life, gain a first-class education and grow into young adults, well prepared for university, apprenticeships and beyond. 

We offer the finest schooling, and your child will benefit from an excellent boarding experience. There are three key aims for our Sixth Form boarding –  

Being in Year 12, boarding has allowed me to have the ‘uni’ experience, washing, waking up, prep in rooms, not relying on staff. – Year 12 boarding student

1) Preparation for university

With a warm and supportive community, our Sixth Form boarders will meet, study and live with people from many different cultures and backgrounds, giving them the opportunity to learn about various cultures of the world. Living with friends in shared or individual rooms will provide them with an introduction to life at university, with all of the benefits of Dallam’s pastoral care team who are always on hand to offer their support.

The university-style bedrooms are well equipped with the essentials students need, alongside superb recreational areas for our boarders to study, socialise and relax. The dining hall provides freshly prepared breakfast and evening meals, with a variety of choices, and there is plenty of space for students to unwind, play games, read or watch TV. For parents’ peace of mind, students are looked after by a team of dedicated staff. 

2) Develop and nurture our future leaders

Sixth Form boarding at Dallam also provides access to additional tutoring through enrichment courses, that give our students valuable skills which are highly regarded by universities and employers. Our aim is to develop future leaders and innovators in industry, whether that be in science and innovation, research, business management or in the creative arts.

Through enrichment courses and group activities in the evenings and weekends our sixth formers develop both valuable leadership skills and key personal skills such as confidence, social skills and positive attitudes. As one of few state sixth form boarding schools in the UK, we pride ourselves on having something to elevate every student.

Dallam boarders

3) Greater focus, greater results

On average, our Sixth Form boarders receive better academic results than our day students. Boarding provides a focused environment with a greater emphasis on educational support. Boarders also have a greater sense of responsibility for themselves, and can plan and structure their own studying outside of scheduled support.

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