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‘Thinking Pink’ in Humanities

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In the last half-term, the Humanities Faculty have been exploring a range of ways to provide feedback to students that will have the biggest impact on their progress in lesson. The Educational Endowment Foundation (EEF) states that effective feedback has a high impact on learning, with verbal feedback having the potential to add seven months of learning.

Using techniques promoted by the Chartered College of Teaching, students have been acting on verbal feedback more regularly.  Teachers in geography, history and PRE classes have been highlighting the work in student’s books and talking about what they can do to improve. This is in two colours: green for ‘good’, providing students with immediate and specific feedback on what they are doing well; and pink for ‘think’, providing advice on how they can improve their work. Students have then been acting on the feedback straight-away, using a purple pen to address what they have been told they need to ‘think’ about.

As a result of this feedback technique, students have been able to develop their answers to be more detailed, analytical and make significant progress. Please see below some of the examples of work students have been ‘thinking pink’ with!


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