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Tabletop gaming club

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Warhammer was started in 1983 and over those 41 years, it has developed into one of the world’s leading tabletop wargames. Warhammer comes in two main themes – 40k is a futuristic, dystopian, never ending battle between humans and various xenos races in space, and Age of Sigmar, which has a more fantasy themed aesthetic with fantastical creatures.  Students attend on Tuesdays after school to play the different types of games, build and paint the models and also share the stories that form the huge amount of lore. For those who are new to the hobby, there is plenty of help and resources available to guide you through what to buy, how to build and the techniques that can be used to create your own army to battle others with. Once you are ready, there are plenty of willing opponents to test out your new army with.  Educationally, the hobby offers avenues to support learning in Maths, Art and Design Technology as well as gamesmanship and making friends over a shared interest. Our students love to come to either take part in a loud, fun and engrossing battle, or spend a peaceful hour painting away, switching off the brain from school work – even the staff find the painting very therapeutic!  Aside from Warhammer, we have opened the club to D&D participants, who now have a place to base themselves to get into their roleplaying adventures. If anyone in school fancies coming along, you will be made very welcome, Tuesdays 3:30-4:30 in Room 1. For more information see Mr Hodges or Mr Mellor.

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