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Leaders need life skills too

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Sewing skills at Dallam

How many times have you encountered intelligent people, but they lack basic life skills?  At Dallam, not only do we want to develop leadership skills in our students, but we want them to have essential skills they’ll need in everyday life.  During their personal development lessons, our Year 13s got to grips with:

Learning cooking skills at Dallam

Cooking – getting ready for university and adult life by learning some key budget recipes, the value of batch cooking and how to adapt basic recipes into different meals using store-cupboard ingredients.

Learning DIY life skills

DIY – identifying the tools everyone should have in a toolbox, how to change a lightbulb and fuse and how to decorate – knowing what materials are required, how to calculate the amount of paint you need and calculating the cost.

Sewing – using a sewing machine to hem clothes and how to make and fix seams.

Study skills – what format learning takes at post-18, resources that will be available and how to manage your time for independent study.

Driving safely – the important things to remember to be a safe driver, from not using mobile phones to understanding driving conditions.

We’d like to thank Lancaster University North Team for the study skills element and Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service for the driving safety element.

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