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Developing the leaders of the future

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Dallam Sixth Form subject ambassadors
Meet the Dallam Sixth Form subject ambassadors

All students at Dallam Sixth Form are given the opportunity to develop their leadership and personal skills to help them to be incredibly successful young adults.  We firmly believe that leadership and character development are intertwined; good leaders are people of good character, and people of good character make good leaders.  

At Dallam, we have a specific set of values that are at the core of all features of school life.  We encourage our students to demonstrate these values in all aspects of their work and behaviour. 

Our values: 

  • Courage (be brave)  
  • Respect (others, self and environment)  
  • Compassion (be kind) 
  • Endeavour (strive for excellence)  
  • Integrity (be honest) 

Developing leadership skills at Dallam 

 All our student leadership activities are designed to develop:  

  • self-confidence 
  • self-esteem  
  • personal responsibility.  

Dallam Sixth Form student leadership promotes democracy and autonomous decision making across the school.  

Within the school students apply for specific leadership roles and are selected via a democratic process by staff or their peers depending on the role. Student leaders work closely with staff to prioritise issues and projects related to the school. Doing this ensures that the school community focusses its efforts around issues that are important to everyone in school.   

Student leadership roles at Dallam: 

  • Head Students
  • Student Leadership Team 
  • Subject Ambassadors (pictured)
  • Senior Prefects 

Additional leadership opportunities: 

  • Sports Leadership programmes 
  • Duke of Edinburgh scheme 
  • Languages for Business course 
  • Work experience (both face to face and virtually) 
  • LinkedIn champions 
  • Aim High higher education programmes 

There are many personal development benefits to Dallam’s student leadership opportunities.

Through Dallam’s student leadership opportunities our students benefit by learning:  

  • to lead others with respect, care and integrity 
  • to be an effective communicator 
  • to advocate on behalf of others 
  • important transferrable skills in preparation for working life 
  • how to be an active citizen 
  • to understand what it means to have a position of responsibility 
  • the importance of compassionate leaders. 

All our initiatives around leadership help students to find themselves, their voice and to learn how to work with other people. We want our students to believe in themselves and go on to be the future leaders of business, charities, Secretary of States and/or the Prime Minister! 

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