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Showtime for Year 10 and Year 12 drama students

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Yr10 and 12 drama performance

Earlier in June, the Creative Arts department were delighted to hold a performance evening showcasing some of the work created by our Year 10 GCSE and Year 12 A-Level students.

Mr Parker, Head of Creative Arts commented,

The evening showcased the hard work and dedication that the students have put in over the last few months, taking it upon themselves to do extra-curricular rehearsals and plotting their lighting and sound, to make sure everything was just right.

Year 12 created their piece in the style of Frantic Assembly, a well-known physical theatre company who specialise in storytelling through movement and worked with flair and creativity to produce a fantastic piece of drama.

Yr10 and 12 drama performance

These performances count for approximately 40% of their qualification. They had gone through the performances already in an assessment environment, and it was nice for the students to be able to showcase their work in a more enjoyable situation in front of an audience of their parents, teachers and peers.

Yr 10 and 12 drama performance

Mr Johnson, Drama Teacher remarked,

In Drama, we strive for inclusivity, creativity and expression, the integrity, resilience and endeavour shown by our students this evening was nothing short of extraordinary. A fantastic night for all and a very proud teacher!

We would like to give a special thank you to Mr Sisterson for all his hard work, Mr Parker for helping set up the evening and Mr Johnson for making the evening a success. Drama isn’t just about performing, we had some students helping with the technical aspects of the performance, a special thank you to Abel Jones for his lighting expertise and Jack Moodie for his help with lighting during the assessments – true professionals!

Yt10 and 12 drama performance

As well as performing, at Dallam, our drama courses offer training in technical elements of theatre, acting for stage/TV, working with a target audience, having aims and intentions – all of which can lead to careers in entertainment, broadcasting, theatre, marketing and many more. Being a skills-based subject, we offer a training in skills which are transferrable to many parts of life including job interviews, communication, collaboration and ethics. Our students who gave their performances at the evening are the perfect embodiment of this, one final congratulations to them for all their hard work and determination.

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