Computer science – Years 7-9

Computer science robot

**Modified 21/22 due to COVID catch up and staffing. 

  • Brown Dogs & Barbers: What’s Computer Science All About? – an accessible book which explains what Computer science and the key concepts in the discipline.

  • Computational Fairy Tales – a book which explains many of computer science’s key algorithms using dragons, knights and wizards as metaphors.

  • Crash Course Computer Science – YouTube Channel which explains everything from the origins of computer science to modern day machines.

  • The Imitation Game – a film about how Alan Turing and the Bletchley Park code breakers used computer science to end WW2 and save millions of lives.

  • Download Twilio Quest, a computer game which teaches you how to code.

  • Idea is a website which allows you to gain certification for learning digital skills.

  • Cyber Discover – a GCHQ annual competition aimed at discovering and training the next generation of cyber security experts.

  • Solo Learn – a free interactive app which teaches you to code in many different programming languages.

Mrs Oliver, Head of Design technology and Computer science –

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