Mobile phones

At a time when students have been profoundly isolated and cut off from the groups in their lives, it’s critical that we engineer schools carefully to maximise these characteristics of daily interaction…To ensure that experiences are fully engaging, students need to be off phones and in a setting that is psychologically beneficial. (Lemov, 2022)

The impact of mobile phones on children:

  • They fracture attention – learning needs directed attention
  • ‘Likes’ etc. on social media deliver dopamine and unpredictability leads to addiction
  • They make you switch attention every few seconds – you can’t slow down for slow, focused analysis for learning.
  • Tech firms engineer a reduction in the influence of other social networks, especially family and friendships
  • Demand for social opportunities is reducing and fewer children are engaging in extra-curricular activities which promote physical and mental wellbeing
  • Phones affect everyone – we are “forever elsewhere”

Our stance on mobile phones

Students need to keep their mobile phone turned off and stored safely in their bag or locker. Students must not store their mobile phone on their person. Teachers will log instances where student phones are seen and students will need to hand their phone to their teacher for collection from our pastoral hub at the end of the day.

More information on the impact on mobile phones

For more information on the impact mobile phones can have on children, including sleep deprivation, stress, anxiety and reduction in physical wellbeing, please click here.

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