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An amazing trip to remember!

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Iceland trip 2022

Our GCSE and A Level geography students had an amazing trip to Iceland with experiences they will never forget.  Read the blog below by Mrs Fitch, Geography Teacher.

On the last day of last half term, the Geography department and 40 students from Year 11, 12 and 13 travelled to Glasgow airport, ready for a five-day trip to explore the geographical wonders of Iceland!

On our first day we were able to experience Iceland from the ‘air’ with a virtual reality experience ‘Flyover Iceland.’ On Day 2, the early morning grumbles of tired teenagers were soon forgotten as we arrived at the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal outdoor pool, where everyone was able to enjoy the calming turquoise mineral rich waters whilst watching the sun rise!

Iceland trip 2022Iceland trip 2022

Each day was packed with wonder after wonder, from newly formed lava flows that had erupted only last year (still steaming from under the newly formed crust!), to glaciers, waterfalls and black sand beaches.

Iceland trip 2022Iceland trip 2022Iceland trip 2022Iceland trip 2022

Students were able to hear about the history of this Land of Fire and Ice from our own Icelandic tour guide, who shared her own experiences of growing up and living in this
place of wonder. 

Iceland trip 2022Iceland trip 2022Iceland trip 2022Iceland trip 2022

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