• Our staff have completed safeguarding training and continue to do so regularly. They are supported by the school DSL who will support students and families. The boarding house is secure, with a system of electronic entry fobs to allow access. The site has a manned reception during the day and students are taught who, and how to access help if they require it. Students sign in and out of the boarding house with staff, and visits arranged by students are communicated to parents to ask for approval. Students are taught to keep safe through the personal development curriculum, assemblies and boarding house inputs throughout the year. They have access to support in school and at boarding from House staff or counselling staff employed by the school.

    Students have reminders of key staff posted throughout the boarding house and all have access to an independent listener. Trips and visits are monitored centrally by the school and comply with the school trip and visits policy. For more information on our safeguarding policy please follow this link.

  • Yes, Dallam school staff have regular safeguarding training, and in school there are groups such as the Queer Straight Alliance (QSA) that are run by staff and students to support and provide a safe space for all. The school works with Anti Racist Cumbria to actively promote anti racism and pastoral staff in school Support students if any issues need resolutions.

  • These can be found in the boarding handbook (available here) they are a guide for students so that they know expectations of the house and can prepare them for school. Students have set mealtimes, prep and check in and bedtime routines to ensure that they are safe and have time for activities and enrichment opportunities.

  • Yes. We have recently appointed a new medical officer to Dallam Boarding and made significant improvements in our physical facilities to care for students who are unwell. This includes enhanced communications between school and boarding staff who liaise closely to ensure wellbeing needs are met.  

  • Yes, there are various methods for students to express their views to staff, via daily meetings, through the boarding student leadership team, or through house staff. Students experience and views are important in shaping how we develop excellent provision for them.

  • The school has appointed a new head of boarding who will be in place for September on a permanent contract. The school has a new leadership team in place who are committed to developing the highest quality provision for students. Sometimes staff changes happen due to factors beyond our control but any changes will be co side red carefully and communicated to students and parents.

  • Yes, the team of houseparents have a commitment to developing quality pastoral care, they have developed a handbook for students to help guide them, and the team work collaboratively to ensure all students have their needs met. This may be through interventions in school or the boarding house, or via outside agency work based on the assessment of need.

  • Download the current list of extra-curricular clubs from this page.

  • All boarders who are returning to Dallam the following academic year can store luggage at the boarding house during the holidays and over the summer holiday period – a storage room will be provided. 

  • The activities costs are invoiced to you one term in arrears i.e. activities from the autumn term will be billed at the same time as the spring term boarding invoice.  These will appear as ‘extras’ on the invoice and you will receive an itemised account detailing the activities your child took part in during that period.  

  • Invoices are sent out in advance of the start of each term.  Payment should be made at least one week before the start of each term.  The annual boarding fee is split into three payments. 

  • Sixth Formers are not required to wear uniform but they are expected to wear smart businesswear.  More details can be found in the Boarding Handbook.

  • Providing you forward all flight details to the boarding house 21 days before each holiday, we will help you coordinate your child’s travel plan.  For more information on travel, see ‘Essential travel information’ in the Boarding Handbook.

  • We understand the importance of communication between parents/carers and the boarding team.  We will send you a report in the first two weeks to let you know how your child is settling in, and then a full report is sent to you every term.  Our boarding parents are always in touch here and there with little updates too.

  • Students travel to and from the boarding house by the school bus or they can walk the short distance.

  • You can telephone or email to let us know if your child will be absent.  Find the contact details here.

  • We will be notified of this when transitioning between schools.  The allowance for free school meals will be allocated to each eligible students cashless catering account each day.

  • Find information about our school uniform, PE kit and where to buy them on this page.

  • We have a fantastic SEND team who work closely with families and students.  Find more information here.

  • School uniform is worn in Years 7-11.  You can find uniform information here.

  • Any number between 40-50 different primary schools feed into our new year groups, this means that some people come with lots of students from primary schools, and sometimes they arrive as the only student from their primary school.  We will ensure that you get the opportunity to meet and make new friends.

  • That’s great!  There are full and weekly boarding options at Dallam School and Sixth Form.  Email us at boardingadmissions@dallamschool.co.uk or give us a call on 015395 6337 and our boarding admissions team will be happy to help.

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