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Year 10 GCSE Geography Trip: Grasmere

Grasmere, The Lake District ·
Easedale Tarn, Grasmere
Looking over Easedale Tarn to Tarn Crag / Mike Bunton

We will be making the most of our enviable school location on the edge of the Lake District when it comes to the fieldwork element for our GCSE Geographers.  The Lake District is a key case study of ours for studying a post-glacial environment in the UK so we’ll be taking Year 10 students to Grasmere to walk through the village, up through the valley onto Easedale Tarn.

Along the route we will make various stops to allow us to study the landscape and undertake fieldwork which will be in line with the glaciation topic. Students will then use the fieldwork and data collected on the day to inform their preparation for their GCSE Paper 3 which they will sit in Year 11, of which fieldwork is a key part.

Due to the nature of the visit, students will not be expected to wear school uniform, but rather appropriate, sensible footwear and clothing for a day of being outside. This should include: a waterproof jacket, sturdy footwear, suitable walking trousers (no jeans) and layers. Students will also need a packed lunch, drinks and snacks to last throughout the day.

As we have a large cohort taking GCSE Geography, the trip will be split over two days as below:

  • Tuesday 20 June: 10B-1 (Mrs Shanley’s group) and 10B-2 (Ms Gemelli’s group)
  • Tuesday 27 June: 10A (Mrs Shanley’s group) and 10D (Ms Farrell’s group)

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