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Encouraging reading through National Poetry Day

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Our focus is to build a love of reading.  Encouraging our students to read more widely – fiction, non-fiction, journalism, graphic novels…and for National Poetry Day…poetry!

Our librarian Miss Brown has a special section in the library dedicated to National Poetry Day with all varieties of poem types and themes – take a look and try something new to read! 

There is also a competition based on six selected poems on the National Poetry Day website.  Students need to pick up a quiz sheet in the library, find the six poems around the library, read them and then answer the questions.  Completed quiz sheets handed in to Miss Brown by 14 Oct will win a prize.

You can have a go yourself or with your child/children (prizes are only for the students though!).  The questions are:

  1. In the poem ‘Western Park’, how many people from the photograph does the speaker talk about?
  2. In what building is the speaker standing in the poem ‘O Brother’?
  3. Name two jobs that are mentioned in the poem ‘You Wake Up to Live Your Parents’ Dream’.
  4. Who is the speaker talking to in the poem ‘The Lady’s Yes’?
  5. In the poem ‘Trolley Man’, what expression does the trolley man have on his face as he moves down the train?
  6. In ‘The Farmer’s Bride’, what does the farmer do with his runaway wife when he finds her?

All students can pop into the library everyday from 8:15am until registration and 3:15-4:15pm (closes 4pm on Fridays).

We encourage you to share your favourite poems with each other.  To get you started you could watch some videos of poems being read here.

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