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Sixth formers use their voice

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Sixth formers discuss at Youth Forum

Amy and Lola-Rose, two students from Dallam Sixth Form, acted as our representatives at Tim Farron’s recent Youth Forum – an opportunity for students from across the constituency to discuss a number of current issues with our MP.

Being an active citizen demonstrates strong leadership potential in our students.  Amy and Lola-Rose took part in discussions and were able put forward ideas about how to make a positive difference to our society – locally, nationally and globally.

Here’s what they thought about taking part:

Amy Medcalfe:

“The Youth Forum was an effective way for collaborative young students to put forward their ideas and thoughts about the current local and national issues.  Although there was controversy within the groups during discussions and debates, everyone participating was open-minded and respectful of each others’ ideas.  I felt Tim Farron was open to considering opinions that were different from his own and was able to respond in a courteous and professional manner.  The conference was a good experience which provided me with newfound skills in relation to debates and summits.”


Lola-Rose Balaam:

“I found the evening highly informative and enjoyable.  I was able to discuss politics and current issues with like-minded young people and was able to convey these ideas to Tim Farron.  I found it was easy to discuss these ideas within the groups.  I felt listened to and respected by Mr Farron, and feel he will be able to bring up ideas that were produced by the group in parliament or, that he will be able to influence further discussion surrounding the issues we presented.  I also found the issues we discussed to be relevant and interesting, allowing for intellectual debate and discussion with my peers.  I found the youth forum to be a highly positive experience.”


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