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Our computer science students – the coders of tomorrow!

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Dallam students in Bebras competition

The Computer Science department would like to say a big well done to all Dallam students who took part in this year’s Bebras computational thinking competition.  The Bebras competition is a national event which tests student’s ability to solve logical problems, reasoning ability and computational thinking.  The competition takes place annually and is run in conjunction with Oxford University, Google and other leading tech industry companies.  

We have had some fantastic results with several students finishing within the top 10% nationally.  These students will be invited to take part in a further coding based competition in March 2022.   With 1,000,000 computer science and coding jobs set to go unfilled by the year 2021, could these Dallam students be the coders of tomorrow?

Have a go at computational thinking

After school James and Jim are deciding where to play.  To avoid arguments, they throw a normal six-sided die. The decision is made per the following rule:

Which sequence of throws would send James and Jim to the sports field?



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