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New pastoral house system in school

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Dallam School houses

Following a vote by students and staff, we are excited to announce the house names and colours for the new Dallam School houses:

  • Heversham Owls – red
  • Leasgill Wolves – yellow
  • Milnthorpe Deer – green

The new house system is part of our pastoral approach to better support students as they move through the school.  

The house system allows for many new different facets to school life for students: 

  • support – students can look up to their older peers for support and guidance and a buddy system can be established.  
  • competition – events such as Sports Day, rounders and the Dallam School reward system can be summarised/totalled across the different year groups, with all students playing their part towards success. 
  • togetherness – weekly assemblies can be delivered on a house basis, or where necessary by year group. 

The house system brings many positive changes for parents and carers as well: 

  • Students will remain with the same house pastoral support team for their first five years at Dallam, allowing them the team to get to know your child even better as they move through their secondary school years. 
  • Parent/Carers will establish better links with their nominated pastoral team. By ensuring that as many siblings are in the same house where possible, this will mean that you have the same point of contact for all queries and communications. 

Click here to see the Heads of each house and house Pastoral Co-ordinators.

The new house system embodies the school values of: courage, respect, compassion, endeavour and integrity.  


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