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New Head and Deputy Head students

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Head students

Congratulations to Grace Poxon and Amy Medcalfe on their successful appointments as Head Students of the Senior Student Leadership Team, here at Dallam School. Congratulations also to Tatum Seaward, Lucy Rowe, and Lola Rose Balaam on becoming Deputy Head Students, completing the Senior Student Leadership Team.


“The positions of Head Student and Deputy Head Student are extremely important roles to us here at Dallam, as they are the leaders of our student community and vital link between staff and students. All the students who went through the rigorous process, approached the interview in an exceptional manner and it was a pleasure for Ms. Williams and I, to see first-hand the excellent experience, skills, and enthusiasm these students bring to their individual roles.  They will be role models for the whole school community and be a visible presence around the school, hosting a variety of community events as well as participating in student voice, assemblies, open evenings, and the list continues. We are extremely excited to see the work this strong Senior Student Leadership Team produces.  

Once again, congratulations to all and best of luck with all your endeavours for this academic year.” 

Miss Edwards, Deputy Head of Sixth Form

“We’re very excited to see what these fantastic students will do, they’ve already made some excellent suggestions and have taken on their initial responsibilities in their stride. Exciting times ahead!”

Mr Henneberry, Head of Sixth Form

Pictured left to right: 

Tatum Seaward- Deputy Head Student

Amy Medcalfe- Head Student

Grace Poxon- Head Student

Lola Rose Balaam- Deputy Head Student

Lucy Rowe- Deputy Head Student


“Hi! I’m Grace, and I am currently Head Student at Dallam Sixth Form. With this role, I hope to make all students in our school, Sixth Form and lower school, as comfortable as they can be, whilst having the best possible school experience they can! Some basic ideas we have started to think about in the Student Leadership Team include; period products in bathrooms, more sporting events and fun team building exercises, mufti-days, and help with stress relief – specifically for those in exam year groups.”

“I am Amy, one of the Head Students at Dallam School. I am currently finishing Year 12 taking Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Geography as my A-Levels. After six years at Dallam I feel as if I know the community well, and understand what improvements could be made. I believe that extra-curricular activities, in and out of school have an impact on a student in school. In my opinion, Dallam has always used its facilities and equipment to its advantage (e.g. Dallam Outdoors) and teachers have always supported students to do their best in every subject (e.g. extra lessons after school). With COVID-19 limiting what extra-curricular activities and additional subject support could take place this academic year, I would like make these clubs available to all after the summer holidays. Whether it’s playing a sport, instrument or reading a book, I want all students to feel a sense of achievement in both their academic and nonacademic studies; this should give all students a push to become more motivated and want to do well.”

“My name is Lucy, I am originally from Thailand and started my journey at Dallam in 2018. I study Chemistry, Physics, Business, and Core Maths at A-level. Outside the academic syllabus, I instruct at Enso Taekwondo Club and I am a keen advanced scuba diver. As Deputy Head Student, I would like to focus on providing a welcoming, supportive, and friendly environment for all students. I am excited to be working with a talented team of people to make our school the best it can be.”

“Hello everyone! My name is Lola-Rose and, I am one of the three Deputy Head Students at Dallam School. I have been at Dallam for over six years, and I am currently studying A-levels in; History, English Literature, Psychology and Criminology, alongside an EPQ. Working with the Student Leadership Team, I want to ensure that the QSA is further supported as I understand many students (especially in the older years) fear being judged, bullied, or ridiculed for joining. We should find a way to have preferred pronouns on the register (beside the student’s name), allowing staff to understand their students, making Dallam more comfortable for all. Furthermore, I hope to develop a sense of community that has been lost throughout the lockdowns. This could be through the introduction of more clubs or perhaps a school newspaper, run by students. I too think having further connections with other schools could benefit Dallam, with more interschool sports tournaments etc. Overall and most importantly, I want to give back and aid a wonderful school that has supported me for so many years!”

“Hello everyone, my name is Tatum. I’m from South Africa, but I lived in Germany for 2 years, and now I’m here in the UK as a boarder at Dallam. I am one of the new Deputy Head Students for the 2021-22 academic year. One aspect I would really like to focus on is making our school experience the best it can be. We are always told school is the best time of your life, unfortunately COVID may have messed this up for us recently and taken away some of our precious opportunities. I aim to aid communication in order to get everyone involved in our school community as much as possible. I want to help encourage all students to get involved in any aspects of school life which they feel comfortable doing to form a strong and comforting environment for us all to grow in. I look forward to working along with the students and staff at Dallam.”

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