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Congratulations to the new Senior Student Leadership Team!

Sixth Form News ·
Head students 2022-23
(Pictured L-R: Mr Henneberry, Sian, Isla, Patrick, Hannah, Ms Williams, Miss Edwards)

Huge congratulations to Patrick Baines and Isla Thiedeman who are now in post as Head Students 2022-23 and Sian Pearce and Hannah Bradshaw who are now in post as Deputy Head Students. This fantastic group of students will now form our new Senior Student Leadership Team until March 2023. 

Eight students went through an interview process for the positions.  The interview panel comprised Headteacher, Ms Williams and Deputy Head of Sixth Form, Miss Edwards.  Four students were shortlisted for the staff and student vote which decided their position within the team.  We are looking forward to having the new Senior Student Leadership Team develop a range of new initiatives for the Sixth Form and the wider community.  The next wave students will support the Student Leadership in Subject Ambassador roles from next half term.  Exciting things to come from this new team!

Here’s our new Head Students’ pitches and what we can look forward to:

Patrick Baines, Head Student
I have always thoroughly enjoyed being a student at Dallam, having had many positive experiences and fun along the way intermingling with the academic work. I value this combination of learning and fun which to me is a central part of the learning experience at Dallam. I want to enable students in lower years to be able to approach older students with their worries and promote more inclusivity between main school and Sixth Form. For sixth formers, I intend to work on designated study space, improve facilities and to initiate discussions with teachers about creating more independence in some of our own decisions. We’re all on this journey together and a united team as Dallam students. I am a great listener, hardworking, determined, fun, and as Head Student will achieve these goals and represent the school as best I can.

Isla Thiedeman, Head Student
I’m passionate about sport and it is partially why I ran for Head Student. As students, there is a lot of pressure to perform academically and get good grades. Whilst grades can be important, so too is your mental health. Which is why I would like to increase the amount of sporting opportunities open to everyone, especially Sixth Form, in order to help both physical and mental wellbeing. I will do my best to create more internal sports competitions, like rounders, volleyball and other sports. I’m very open to ideas and as Head Student I will make it a priority to listen and ensure everyone feels heard and that their ideas are taken into account.

Huge thanks to the outgoing Senior Student Leadership Team of 2021-22 – Grace Poxon, Amy Medcalfe, Tatum Seaward, Lucy Rowe and Lola-Rose Balaam.

Head students

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