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Take a look at the new clubs added

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Extra-curricular clubs at Dallam

More clubs have been to our extra-curricular clubs list.  New ones to look out for:

  • Psychology and Criminology film club -great for those doing the KS5 courses and also those in Year 11 thinking about Sixth Form subject options.
  • Library after-school clubs – students can use our great library resources and space until 5pm, two days a week
  • Choir – it’s great to be able to sing in groups again and there are many proven health benefits to singing. Listen to this podcast about why singing is good for your body and mind.    

With over 40 clubs on offer there is something for students who:

  • love sport
  • love art
  • love reading
  • love performing
  • love film
  • love games
  • or those that just want some space and support to get their homework done.

Take a look at our spring 2022 lunchtime and after-school clubs list.  

Lunchtime and after-school clubs are put on for students’ learning and enjoyment.  

Parents and carers – please encourage your children to take part in some extra-curricular activities, it can enhance their learning, develop their enjoyment of subjects, be a way to make new friends as well as being something fun to do!


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