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Express yourself mufti day

Dallam School ·
Mufti day graphic

Dallam School and Sixth Form has an inclusive and welcoming ethos.  As part of Pride month our student-led Queer Straight Alliance (QSA) club will be doing assemblies during the week 27 June – 1 July to raise awareness of the history of Pride struggle and how people can be an ally to the LGBTQ+ community.

The week culminates in an Express yourself mufti day.  For a suggested donation of £1, students can come to school dressed in clothing that reflects them.  This can be as colourful and creative as they wish. However, the outfit should still be suitable for a learning environment – so no high-heeled shoes, bare torsos, or skimpy clothing.  Students will still need to bring in their bag/equipment, and suitable clothing/footwear if they have a PE lesson that day.  Donations can be paid in cash on the day.

There will also be a cake sale to raise money, so students should bring some extra money if they wish to purchase anything.

The money raised from the mufti day will go to the two chosen charities:

Find out more about Pride month from this link on the BBC Newsround


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