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COP26 science week

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Dallam students doing climate change experiments

To coincide with world leaders and experts meeting at the COP26 United Nations Climate Change Conference this month, our Year 7 and 8s have been participating in climate-themed lessons for a week exploring topics such as:

  • changes in sea ice from space
  • ocean currents
  • the greenhouse effect.

To enhance their learning and clearly demonstrate the effects of climate change, students have been doing practical experiments to compare the speed at which land and sea ice melt and the effects on temperature when there is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Knowing why these changes are occurring is one part of their climate-themed science week learning, understanding the effects of climate change is the other important aspect, as well as what can be done to remediate the situation – the answer to which, we all hope will be agreed at COP26. 

If you would like know more about what the students have been learning, as well as games, activities and videos to share together please visit 

#DallamRespect (for the environment)

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